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I Follow Goals: A Legendary Shootout

Oh I beg you, can I follow Oh I ask you why not always Be the ocean where unravel Be my only, be the water and I’m wading You’re my river running high, run deep run wild Lykke Li (I

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Sex before the match!?

[voor een Nederlandse vertaling van dit bericht klik hier] In sports, long the idea has prevailed that sexual abstinence, that is, no sex before competition, is good for sports performance. Recent research however shows that healthier people have more sex.

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Positive Coaching

Imagine you’re coaching a big football game, against an undefeated team that has beaten your team in all your previous matches. Your 11-year-olds are playing well and are ahead. Then, in the closing minutes, the official makes a bad call

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Oxytocin and Team Decision Making

Dr. Paul Zak explains how morality (read: important decisions when we work together with other people, such as in team sports), is linked to the neuro-peptide oxytocin. Taken from the BBC documentary Horizon: Are you Good or Evil.

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Why we love

A world without Love is a deadly place – Shakespeare. But what is Love? George Bernard Shaw ones said: Love consists of overestimating the differences between one woman and another. Helen Fisher is an anthropologist with Rutgers University, specializing in gender

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Vision-Movement-Balance; A Study of Visual Kinaesthesis (1974)

Classic video by David N. Lee and J. R. Lishman from the Perception-in-Action Laboratory at the Department of Psychology, Edinburgh University. It is one of the first video’s (if not THE first) to document Dave Lee’s revolutionary ideas on optic

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Laughter really is the best medicine

People feel less pain after a good laugh, because it may cause the body to release chemicals that act as a natural painkiller, research has suggested. Scientists based at Oxford University found that when we laugh properly – as opposed

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Little touches mean a lot

Tactile Communication, Cooperation, and Performance. A quick hug, fist pound, high five or belly bump can communicate a wide range of emotions, sometimes more accurately than words. Psychologists have long studied the grunts and winks of nonverbal communication, the vocal tones and

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Sportsmyths: sex before a game – do or don’t?

“I think soccer player contracts should have a clause going something like: the player has to have sex on the day before a game and, if possible, on the day of the game. When I do it before a game

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Associating interpersonal relations within a team and ‘on the pitch’ decision-making in football

A poster I presented at FEPSAC 2011 Madeira Research to date in sport psychology has mainly focused on the individual athlete and the necessaries they need to achieve expert performance. In doing so, the impact of the (social, emotional, etc.)

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