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Mental Pressure in Football

As a football player you have to be able to deal with pressure. The worst is the mental pressure in an important match. What exactly is the impact of mental stress on your sports performance – and on the performance of your teammates? Researchers of the University of Groningen and the professional football

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We all know how grip works, we do it every day

A scientific poster, presented at Mastery of Manual Skill, UMCG, April 2012.

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Vision-Movement-Balance; A Study of Visual Kinaesthesis (1974)

Classic video by David N. Lee and J. R. Lishman from the Perception-in-Action Laboratory at the Department of Psychology, Edinburgh University. It is one of the first video’s (if not THE first) to document Dave Lee’s revolutionary ideas on optic

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Shaping Decisions in Sport: Affordances and Social, Neural, and Physiological Constraints on Action.

A talk at 13th FEPSAC European Congress of Sport Psychology July 2011 on Madeira, Portugal. Decision-making is relevant in instances where an individual athlete needs to reach an individual solution, such as when taking a penalty kick in football or

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