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Diving in football: When and why cheating pays.

The findings of a human-based deception study fit perfectly with deception behaviours in the animal world, according to its authors. “They really are just a bunch of animals running around the sporting field – they have the same simple motivations of

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Oxytocin and Team Decision Making

Dr. Paul Zak explains how morality (read: important decisions when we work together with other people, such as in team sports), is linked to the neuro-peptide oxytocin. Taken from the BBC documentary Horizon: Are you Good or Evil.

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Associating interpersonal relations within a team and ‘on the pitch’ decision-making in football

A poster I presented at FEPSAC 2011 Madeira Research to date in sport psychology has mainly focused on the individual athlete and the necessaries they need to achieve expert performance. In doing so, the impact of the (social, emotional, etc.)

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Player position data in football: On using it differently! A dynamical system’s perspective.

Get inspired to use player position data in a different way. Here’s Wouter Frencken presenting at the VIIth World Congress on Science & Football 2011 in Tokyo. Enjoy!

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Understanding Behavioral Patterns: Why Bird Flocks Move in Unison

Animal flocks, be it honeybees, fish, ants or birds, often move in surprising synchronicity and seemingly make unanimous decisions at a moment’s notice, a phenomenon which has remained puzzling to many researchers. New research published September 15, in New Journal of

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