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Vision-Movement-Balance; A Study of Visual Kinaesthesis (1974)

Classic video by David N. Lee and J. R. Lishman from the Perception-in-Action Laboratory at the Department of Psychology, Edinburgh University. It is one of the first video’s (if not THE first) to document Dave Lee’s revolutionary ideas on optic

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Laughter really is the best medicine

People feel less pain after a good laugh, because it may cause the body to release chemicals that act as a natural painkiller, research has suggested. Scientists based at Oxford University found that when we laugh properly – as opposed

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Little touches mean a lot

Tactile Communication, Cooperation, and Performance. A quick hug, fist pound, high five or belly bump can communicate a wide range of emotions, sometimes more accurately than words. Psychologists have long studied the grunts and winks of nonverbal communication, the vocal tones and

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