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Positive Coaching

Imagine you’re coaching a big football game, against an undefeated team that has beaten your team in all your previous matches. Your 11-year-olds are playing well and are ahead. Then, in the closing minutes, the official makes a bad call

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Oxytocin and Team Decision Making

Dr. Paul Zak explains how morality (read: important decisions when we work together with other people, such as in team sports), is linked to the neuro-peptide oxytocin. Taken from the BBC documentary Horizon: Are you Good or Evil.

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On the importance of positive emotions and sharing goals in football penalty shootouts

Emotional contagion is an important process to consider in the context of elite sport performance and training. A talk at 13th FEPSAC European Congress of Sport Psychology July 2011 on Madeira, Portugal. Research has shown that teams that show more positive and team

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Resilience explained

One of the things I’m very interested in is how positive emotions (such as joy, happiness, etc.) can help football players make better decisions. One of the many things that positive emotions do is that they fuel psychological and physical

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