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Emotional contagion in association football penalty shootouts

A talk at 13th FEPSAC European Congress of Sport Psychology July 2011 on Madeira, Portugal. We examined the association between celebratory responses after successful football penalty kicks and the outcome of a penalty shootout. Method: Individually displayed post-shot behaviours in

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Sport science and chances – what would you do if you knew the chances to win?

When you think about chances it is easy to think about gambling. But also in science chances are important. Scientists use statistics to discover which theories are more likely then others. But the notion of chance always remains relatively abstract.

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Dennis Bergkamp On The Greatest Goal He Ever Scored

Great players, great expression of emotions. Bergkamp is my favourite great player – this is what he said about him celebrating his greatest goal ever … ___ At that moment I thought about when I was seven or eight years

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