Dennis Bergkamp On The Greatest Goal He Ever Scored

Great players, great expression of emotions. Bergkamp is my favourite great player – this is what he said about him celebrating his greatest goal ever …
At that moment I thought about when I was seven or eight years old, playing football in the house, you know?  This is the moment!  It’s a good feeling.


Yeah.  What can you compare it to?  Different sports?  Like running the hundred metres and you know this is going to be a good time?  But you’re in that moment.  That’s the feeling. After the first two touches… that moment!  You give absolutely everything in that movement. It’s like your life has led up to this moment.

Read the whole post here.

And of course … the goal!

Gert-Jan Pepping is an Associate Professor in Human Movement at the School of Behavioural and Health Sciences of AUstralian Catholic University, Brisbane, Australia.

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