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Understanding Behavioral Patterns: Why Bird Flocks Move in Unison

Animal flocks, be it honeybees, fish, ants or birds, often move in surprising synchronicity and seemingly make unanimous decisions at a moment’s notice, a phenomenon which has remained puzzling to many researchers. New research published September 15, in New Journal of

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Science and chances: What should you do if you knew the chance?

When you think about chances it is easy to think about gambling. But also in science chances are important. Scientists use statistics to discover which theories are more likely then others. But the notion of chance always remains relatively abstract.

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Cheering related to chances of success in football

Behaviour is contagious. If you see someone yawning or smiling, it’s often a matter of seconds before you are doing the same yourself. This copying behaviour also turns out to work on the football field. The more convincingly someone celebrates

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